Entry #20

Makin' da STORY BOARD!

2010-10-17 11:50:27 by luckyesmiperro

Almost finish it, i calculate it will have a lenght of 4 minutes and 25 sec.

Soo far i have done some concept art, Enemys Are good looking, Actually drawing the storyboard and the Props such as weapon that are going to be used in the animation.

The story board is like 90% completed, actually looking foward to the music that is going to be played at the animation screen play, Maybe it is going to be ELFIRE's magnific drum and bass music or KORE's song titled Time's Up.

I will give you a little spoil, the background is going to be located in the water, and the violence is going to be aplied inside a boat with some kind of mercenaries.

Have a nice day!.


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